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Project Handling
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Helle Sales, as an agency, is at your disposal as a technical advisor for plastic processing tools and molds made from aluminum, steel and NVD nickel. Nickel Vapor Deposition (NVD) is a unique process for manufacturing pure nickel shells on a chemical basis, at a deposition rate of 6 mm per day.

Key sectors for the required tools and molds are the Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer industry. Main process applications of these tools are injection, RIM, RTM, hot compression, slush, PU spray PU pouring, rotational and autoclave. Body parts for cars like hoods, decklids fenders or facias/bumpers have the class A surfaces which is required by the leading European car manufacturers and can be verified by Diffracto.

Project handling includes the fine tuning of the tools, together with tool maker and customer, according to the standards and requirements of the customer. Also, monitoring of the manufacturing process on a permanent basis with the machine operators, the manufacturing manager as well as with the responsible tool designers. Completion of the project comprises tool trials at the tool maker and shipment of the parts and tools to the customerīs facility.